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Lunedì 13 aprile Tearose Events ha allestito l'evento di AD - “House of Wonders” che ha anticipato la design week.
Più di 900 ospiti, tra architetti, designer, personaggi televisivi, imprenditori, hanno partecipato alla serata e hanno celebrato la nuova direzione di AD, con Emanuele Farneti.
Tearose is a distinctive branded experience, a path through Italian style and International taste, through traditional and contemporary elements, between simplicity and magnificence.
Alessandra Rovati Vitali, founder and art director of Tearose, is an entrepreneur, a brilliant artist, an innovative designer and a style and trend inspirer.
Tearose has a talent to transform each venue in a strong statement, a bold arrangement of nature and vibrant elements that have associated Alessandra’s settings to contemporary art installations.
Every event has its own unique style, and a lot of effort goes into designing the concept of each piece. From intimate special occasions and weddings, to personal and corporate events, the team choreographs colours, textures and sculptural elements to create elegant and original scenarios.

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