Tearose boutiques

Are artful arrangements of flowers, clothing,
accessories, fragrances and furniture.
The boutique’s bright, airy atmospheres allow the shopper
to be inspired by the unique Tearose Selection
and to consult for any need with the Teamrose.
Piazzetta Croce Rossa
In the core of the Fashion Quarter rises the chic and incomparable Tearose Boutique. The Boutique is a special place where designers and fashion stylists gather to find inspiration thanks to the unique combination of scents, lights, flowers and couture.
  • Tearose Wedding Boutique Milano
  • Tearose Wedding Negozio Boutique Milano
  • Tearose Wedding Boutique Milano Events
  • Tearose Wedding Boutique Milano Fashion
  • Tearose Wedding Boutique Monza
  • Tearose Wedding Boutique Negozio Monza
  • Tearose Wedding Boutique Monza Events
  • Tearose Wedding Boutique Monza Fashion
Piazza del Duomo
The Monza Boutique is a magical place with a spectacular view of the Duomo. The restoration and interiors of the space were handled by the Tearose Creatives and the remarkable Collaboration of Vincent Van Duysen.
Gorgeous details adorn the store, the immagination behind the setting is incredible and it blends perfectly with the flowers, the selection of fragrances and the vintage and fashion accessories and outfits.
Flower Couture
Each Tearose Boutique has a Flower Lab where selected floral designers cut and pose livearranging masses of flowers to create displays of various sizes and shapes. Compositions use fresh seasonal flowers tailored for every personal preference. For each event flower designers create and develop spectacular and original concepts. They draw inspiration from nature, architecture, classical and contemporary art. Absorbing all the elements to create a unique and exclusive floral piece. Well known for its Wedding expertise, the Tearose flower Lab also serves corporate clients who need flowers for corporate events, press events, VIP luncheon or grand openings.

Brand Selection

Tearose  Brands Acne
Tearose  Brands Agnona
Tearose Brands Alessandra Zanaria
Tearose Brands Acqua di Fiesole
Tearose Brands Blazé
Tearose Brands Carven
Tearose Brands Céleste Mogador
Tearose Brands Emilio Pucci
Tearose Brands Equipment
Tearose Brands Faith Connexion
Tearose Brands Gisou
Tearose Brands Yali Tribe
Tearose Brands Magda Butrym
Tearose Brands Maison Martin Margiela
Tearose Brands Myriam Schaefer
Tearose Brand Nathalie Lété
Tearose Norma Kamali
Tearose Brand Notre Monde
Tearose  Brands Rick Owens
Tearose  Brands Rika
Tearose Wedding Brands Susannah Hunter
Tearose Wedding Brands One Off
Tearose Wedding Brands Les-Ottomans
Tearose Wedding Brands Joseph
Tearose  Brands Aquaflor
Tearose  Brands Cambiaghi
Tearose  Brands Carner
Tearose  Brands Comme de Garcon
Tearose  Brands Diana Vreeland
Tearose  Brands Diptyque
Tearose  Brands E.coudray
Tearose  Brands Galvan London
Tearose  Brands Gas bijoux
Tearose  Brands Nasomatto
Tearose  Brands Odin
Tearose  Brands Officine Generale
Tearose  Brands Orto Parisi
Tearose  Brands Osman
Tearose  Brands Les Touristes
Tearose  Brands Uermì
Tearose  Brands ViBiVenezia
Tearose is a distinctive branded experience, a path through Italian style and International taste, through traditional and contemporary elements, between simplicity and magnificence.
Alessandra Rovati Vitali, founder and art director of Tearose, is an entrepreneur, a brilliant artist, an innovative designer and a style and trend inspirer.
Tearose has a talent to transform each venue in a strong statement, a bold arrangement of nature and vibrant elements that have associated Alessandra’s settings to contemporary art installations.
Every event has its own unique style, and a lot of effort goes into designing the concept of each piece. From intimate special occasions, weddings and destination weddings, to personal and corporate events, the team choreographs colours, flowers, textures and sculptural elements to create elegant and original scenarios.

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