Finding Thule Documentary, by Rover Productions Dreams

Update: the project has been founded! The tearose world and the Rovati family would like to thank you for the support. 


Tearose has always shown to be a very focused and attentive company that strives to sustain and support  young creative talents, strongly believing that in arts and our cultural
heritage is the most valuable investment  for the future of our country.
The attention given to young talents and the ongoing dialogue with the community, has involved Tearose in numerous original projects combining seemingly distant worlds with a unique “visionary capability”.
Tearose is proud to support the Finding Thule project, by Rover Productions Dreams a documentary film that tells a story of Giancarlo Gianazza, the Milanese engineer who turned his passion into a real crusade. He ventures into some of the most remote regions of Iceland in search of a secret hidden within the verses of Dante's Divine Comedy.
The Rover Productions Dream is a newly formed production company of young creative talent with a great passion for the Cinema.
Always attentive to the arts, from music to painting, from photography to design, today Tearose supports through Kickstarter the project of this extraordinary documentary.
To some it sounds like a fairy tale, for Giancarlo Gianazzi it is a real fervor and passion that since 2004 led him to return to Iceland every year in search of that secret that he found in the verses of Dante.

Watch the video teaser, you will fall in love with this story and we hope you will be interested in supporting this dream.

Finding Thule Documentary, by Rover Productions Dreams


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